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Polyaspartic Flooring Can Add Value To Your Home

Our polyaspartic garage flooring is the best way to improve the look and feel of your garage floor, even if the original concrete flooring is cracked or stained. One of the biggest benefits of our solutions is that they are resistant to a lot of the fluids and chemicals that are often used or deposited by automobiles when in storage. If prepared properly, Polyaspartic Floors will resist Hot Tire Pick Up that can cause coating failure due to de-bonding from the sub-strait. This means with our garage floors you will not end up with two bare ugly concrete strips where the tires contact your floor!

How Polyaspartic Flooring Can Add Value to Your Home

When a prospective buyer is touring the home they usually quickly glace at the garage to ensure that there are no issues and that it is of adequate size. When they open the door they are greeted by a dark usually dirty looking place with dark stains on the concrete. Now imagine opening the door to a brilliant polyaspartic floor finish that looks clean and brightens the whole room by reflecting the light off the high gloss finish. What a difference, it turns a negative into a positive and could be the last deciding factor that gets your home Sold for the price you were looking for.

Colour and Finish

As well as being a very durable and long lasting choice for garage flooring, polyaspartic garage flooring is also available in a number of great finishes and colors. See our options on the right under “Premium Flake Floor”, “Standard Flake Floor” and “Solid Colour Floor”. All our floor finishes are also available in a flat finish.

The Installation Process

Our systems can take from one day to 4 days to install depending on the condition of the concrete, size of the garage and the system you have chosen to install. All you have to do is remove everything from the floor and let Vancouver Garage Flooring be the only ones to have access during the installation process and you will be left with a beautiful floor finish that will last for many years.


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